Your Beauty is our Profession



Want to look your best with the least effort?

Want to maintain your look in any setting or activity?

Need a solution for eyebrows with minimal or uneven hair growth?

Don't have the time or skill to apply eye make-up?

Now, you can experience natural beauty and really say "I woke up like this!"


Permanent make-up allows you to save time in your beauty routine while knowing that you'll always look your best at any time of day through any activity. Enhance your natural beauty and enjoy a long-lasting illusion of a dramatic lash line with permanent precision lining for the contours of the eyes. All permanent make-up procedures are expertly performed with an artistic touch by Marlinda. With over 13 years experience in hand-tattoo techniques, Marlinda's procedures are safe, gentle, and appropriate for even the most sensitive of clients. With over a dozen natural eyebrow colors and other eyebrow shades, Marlinda will highlight your natural beauty with stunning, long lasting results.


Please note a consultation is a prerequisite for all permanent make-up.


As shown in the video above, microblading is a new, virtually painless method of semi-permanent makeup where the pigment is pressed into the upper epidermis with light strokes. This method has many advantages including an incredibly natural finish, long lasting results, and the ability for variation of brow thickness and shape. It does require touch ups to maintain shape and true pigment color. It can last up to two years, and frequency of fills are dependant on skin type.